An eMail Signature solution you can control.

‘Email Stationery’ as a solution provides a broader compatibility across all devices including mobiles, and simplifies the installation process for staff members. We supply a more robust yet professional design while taking full advantage of social media and ‘SmartFeed’ integration. It has evolved to become the very best solution for businesses who need their users to have brand consistency in and out of the office while maintaining central control through a cloud-based management dashboard. Through our understanding and approach, your staff email signatures will be displayed properly in every situation.

Problems with existing solutions

  • What you see and send is not necessarily what your recipient sees.
  • Lack of consistency across staff controlled email signatures.
  • A lack of control over content and policy.
  • A lack of installation ‘know how’ to multiple and or external devices.

Benefits of ‘Email Stationery’

  • Designed and coded to provide consistency.
  • Quick & Simple installation to all staff devices
  • Cloud based Dashboard control of ‘roll out’ and status.
  • Cloud based Dashboard control of dynamic content.
  • Cloud based Dashboard control of Staff details.
  • Cross platform and device compatibility.