We have been providing Email Signature solutions at eMedia since 2003


Our latest email signature solution, ‘Email Stationery’, has more features than ever before. Compatibility across all devices including mobiles, more updated design capabilities and social media integration, Dynamic content via ‘SmartFeeds’ as well as cloud based dashboard control.

It has evolved to become the very best solution for businesses who need their staff email signatures to have brand consistency in and out of the office coupled with a quality design and full Social Media exposure through what has become any businesses number one way to communicate.

    Our Solution

    ‘Email Stationery’ is designed and created with a thorough understanding of how it will work and render when it is received by your recipients on any of the 36 different environments it might land in. Your brand and what you present as your signature and sign off to your correspondence is very important. ‘Email Stationery’ takes full advantage of the design and PR opportunities available while working within a strict set of rules.

    Using our ‘Email Stationery’ solution gives you complete control over Employee email signatures. Staff will benefit from a unified design and your company and brand will be represented in a reassuringly consistent manner.

    Thanks to ‘SmartFeed’ technology an organisation can now, via their dashboard, remotely control certain content within their staff signatures without the staff members needing to action anything, controlling content dynamically from the dashboard. Seasonal Greetings messages can be created and scheduled to turn on and off at certain times, as can promotional messages or social media posts.

    The ‘Email Stationery’ provides total consistency across 2 or 2000 employees. Due to the Email Signatures being built programatically from a Database, each and every signature template is identical except for that employees unique contact information.

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