An Overview

We produce a design concept for your email signatures that can be adopted by any/all of your employees and installed to their various devices. This design procedure requires a proofing process, which takes place between you and one of our designers. He/She will help and assist you through this process helping you make good decisions with regards to the design. (This process normally takes around 2-3 days)

Once the design is approved it is then uploaded and integrated into your dashboard. You will be given access to your dashboard immediately your order is processed.  The dashboard is where you will control all aspects of managing your Staff templates, from adding and editing staff contact details, previewing staff templates, dispatching staff templates for installation, and managing your ‘SmartFeeds’. We recommend adding all your staff contact details onto the dashboard while you are waiting for the proof to be finalised. This will save time once the design is approved.

Your role is to provide our design team with an idea of what you are trying to achieve. We accept and can work with all image file types.


Step 1

Place your order either online or by phoning 0800 5200 213. You will receive an order acknowledgment along with instructions on how to pay and what happens next.

Step 2

Once we receive payment your order will go live and a designer is assigned to your job. They will contact you (normally within 24 hours) with a brief questionnaire. Once they receive the completed questionnaire they will design and send you an initial proof via email.

You can respond using the proofing portal using the link provided in the email. This proofing stage can take as long as is necessary until we provide a final design that you are happy with and you can sign off as “proof approved” this normally takes 2-3 days.

Step 3

Once you have signed off the design and we have your ‘proof approval’  we then need to code the design and integrate it into your dashboard. This can take another 24 hours. We will notify you once this has been done.

You can now dispatch the individual email signatures to your staff members directly and easily from your dashboard. Should you encounter any issues, our friendly support staff are on hand 5 days a week to help.

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